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Consulting & Insights

Tyona Y. McGee-Ezeilo, MSW



Metanoia is dedicated to being a compassionate companion on wellness journeys.  Each service offered aims to enhance the social, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being of our clients throughout life’s developmental transitions. Many services can be personalized to meet our client's individual needs.


Connect with Tyona to start your journey towards overall health and wellness.


Individual Services

  • 1:1 Coaching
    • Life Coaching
    • Relationship Coaching
    • Occupational Coaching
    • Communication Coaching
    • Parent Coaching
    • Grief Coaching
  • Reflective Supervision & Consultation
  • Individual Counseling

Group Services

  • Group Coaching
    • Relationship Coaching
    • Parent Coaching
    • Leadership & Team Development Coaching

[meh-ta-noy-ah] Greek (n.) the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life; a spiritual conversion.

Consulting and Insights

with Tyona Y. McGee-Ezeilo, MSW

1:1 and Group, Life Coaching

At Metanoia, we provide skilled life coaching services that are grounded in trauma-informed mindfulness and self-compassion practices. Our life coaching services are designed to help individuals and groups identify and achieve their personal goals. We work with clients to develop skills and strategies for personal growth and provide support and guidance throughout the process. Our coaches have experience in a range of areas, including parenting, career development, relationships, and personal fulfillment. We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams, and we are committed to helping our clients realize their full potential. 

Group Gatherings

Groups at Metanoia provide sources of support, strength, motivation, and hope.  Group experiences aim to scaffold group members in reaching their shared goals through building upon the unit's social, emotional, spiritual, and mental gifts.


Our groups offer a nurturing environment for group members to build resilience and enhance their social and emotional skills through topic specific small group sharing, exploration, self-reflection and discussion. Book Chats with Ty began in 2019 with a group of both avid and reluctant readers, as a space to connect virtually, offering opportunities for reflecting, discovery and transformative healing. In book chat, coaching and reflective supervision/consultation groups, classes, workshops, and trainings, group facilitators nurture group members in co-creating an atmosphere of supportive scaffolding throughout the explorative process.

Our group coaching services are personalized to meet each group's individual needs.

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Connect with us if you are interested in scheduling a personalized group experience.

Mindfulness Classes

We believe in the power of mindfulness and self-compassion to support personal growth and well-being. Mindfulness classes offer participants resources & practices to enhance one's awareness of self (body sensations - thoughts and emotions) within present moment experiences. Introduction to Mindfulness classes, Saturday Morning Mindful Meditations, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) courses are also offered.

These classes are designed to help individuals cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, reduce stress and anxiety, and develop greater resilience in the face of life's challenges and are guided by our core values of mindful authenticity, compassionate curiosity, and global health impact.

Social Emotional Wellness Workshops

Metanoia’s Social-Emotional Wellness Workshops introduce research-based strategies to help participants enhance social and emotional skills through reflective and experiential learning. Workshops include self-exploration, self-reflection and group discussion. Workshops are offered on-line or in-person. Facilitators guide attendees in building an atmosphere of secure exploration of presented topics identified in the workshop's learning objectives.

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Connect with us if you are interested in scheduling a personalized educational workshop experience.

Consultation Services

In addition to our coaching and mindfulness services, we offer consultation services for individuals groups, and organizations. Our consultation services are designed to provide expert guidance and scaffolding in areas such as personal growth, career development, and organizational wellness. Whether you are an individual seeking guidance on your personal journey, or an organization looking to enhance the well-being of your team, we are here for you.

Our Approach

At Metanoia, we believe in a holistic approach to personal growth and well-being. Our approach is grounded in a deep respect for the unique needs and goals of each individual. We have a passion for diversity and are committed to upholding our core values, of mindful authenticity, compassionate curiosity, relationship cultivation, and lifelong learning.

Our work is engaged in collaboratively with our clients to develop customized plans for personal growth, and we provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the process. Metanoia’s mission is to help our clients cultivate greater self-awareness, resilience, and inner peace, and to access their best lives.


Connect with Tyona today to learn more about our approach and how we can support your journey.

My Approach

Coach. Facilitator. Consultant.

My name is Tyona


I am a qualified mindfulness-based stress reduction teacher, clinical social worker, certified life coach and grief educator who helps facilitate the exploration of the heart space; the mind, body and other emotionally complex relationships (internal and external).

My work is guided by experienced mentors, as well as, extensive education and training in areas such as psychology, trauma, marriage and family development, child and adolescent development, professional development, social work, group dynamics, social justice, grief and loss, spirituality, cognition, reflection, goal setting and attainment, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, stress-reduction and effective human communication. I am also a member of the National Association of Social Work, Florida Association of Infant Mental Health, and International Coaching Federation. I value lifelong learning and am committed to continuous personal & professional development.


With Metanoia services, I aim to promote optimal mental health and foster overall social-emotional wellbeing.


My maternal and paternal ancestors made the agonizing journey in captivity from their homes on the continent of Africa to the United States southern coasts of the Carolinas in the 1600s. The matriarchs and patriarchs of both families leaving farm and domestic work in the American south in their teens to migrate with other young relatives to Brooklyn, New York in the 1940’s. In Brooklyn, my grandmothers would birth 15 babies between them, raising their children with scarce social-emotional supports.

I was born into these family histories in Brooklyn, New York, living within the northeastern United States (i.e., New Hampshire and New Jersey) before moving to south Florida with my nuclear family where I would meet my future husband. This year celebrates my 24th as a wife and 30th as a mother.  Being gifted four beautifully diverse children, I have a passion for child development and parenting. Trained as a home health aide, patient care assistant and former Certified Nurse Assistant in the state of Florida, I have been a caregiver/health care coordinator for my mom, who acquired a brain injury at the age of 39, for the past 15 years.


I continuously practice embracing moments of overwhelm as opportunities to reflect, discover and transform life’s challenging experiences into more healthy, easeful living.


If you are interested in experiencing a mindset, relational or behavioral shift in your life, contact me to begin creating a plan that can move you closer to your goals!

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Connect with Tyona to learn more about our coaching, groups, wellness and mindfulness services. We'd love to discuss how we can support your personal growth and well-being.

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